Risk of Rain is filled with a variety of monsters. Most are area specific, as well as level specific. (Ex. A Lemurian will spawn at level 1, regardless of area. But a Bighorn Bison will spawn at level 3, in the Ancient Valley or Magma Barracks.)

The Kin Artifact will make the game only spawn in one type of monster, this is useful for farming logs or kills on a specific enemy. When you activate the shrine to move on, still, only that same one monster will spawn. (A new monster every level).

Le risque de pluie est rempli d'une variété de monstres. La plupart sont spécifiques à une zone et à un niveau. (Ex. Un lémurien apparaîtra au niveau 1, quelle que soit la zone. Mais un bison de Bighorn apparaîtra au niveau 3, dans l'ancienne vallée ou la caserne de Magma.)L'artefact Kin fera que le jeu n'apparaîtra que dans un type de monstre, ce qui est utile pour cultiver des journaux ou tuer un ennemi spécifique. Lorsque vous activez le sanctuaire pour continuer, seul ce même monstre apparaîtra

1 - Unlisted in the Monster Logs.


Bosses in Risk of Rain also vary from level and area. Bosses usually spawn at a random rate which is affected by both difficulty setting and timed difficulty of the session. The higher both are, the less rare bosses will spawn. Once a teleporter is activated, a boss is guaranteed to spawn.

1 - Unlisted in the Monster Logs.

Elite/Boss VariationsEdit

To accompany the rough playstyle of the game, Risk of Rain also offers Elite and Boss variations, which are bigger and tougher versions of their counterparts.

The DirectorEdit

Risk of Rain has a spawning system run by an AI named the Director. For the Director, each monster is a "card" with a certain cost. The Director is only allowed to choose between ~6 cards for each map and gains points at a base rate of 1/second on Very Easy. Point gain is increased as the difficulty increases. The Director follows these orders:

  1. Chooses a random card
  2. If the Director can afford 10x the card's cost, it is spawned as a blighted elite. (Phantasm)
  3. If the Director can afford 4x the card's cost, it is spawned as an elite.
  4. If the Director can afford the card's cost, it is spawned as normal.
  5. If the Director can afford another card, it waits for 1/4 of a second and spawns another one, up to 4.
  6. After the Director runs out of points, it waits 15 seconds to 1 minute to choose another card and start over.
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