Field Notes

Field Notes:  I have arrived in an even stranger land. After recovering from my sudden.. teleportation, I noticed that my suit was flashing warnings about air filtration. All across the landscape were giant fungi, some as tall as trees.

When approaching a bulbous mushroom, it suddenly sprouted from the ground, jumping a few feet in the air then landing on two nubby feet. At this point my air filtration warning went from yellow to red, and I began to have difficulties breathing..

While sentient, these mushrums were not very intelligient. It had what looked like three eyes, but it could not navigate very well, implying that those may be fake eyes to scare predators. It also had no mouth to eat, but it would plant itself over corpses, slowly absorbing nutrients through its root-like feet.
*The ingame notes contain a typo; the Mushrum is most likely "intelligent"
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