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N'kuhana's Opinion is Rare item introduced in Risk of Rain 2. The item causes healing to stockpile Soul Energy and release it as homing, flaming skulls when enough is gathered. Every 10% of total life causes a skull to fire, dealing 250% of the healing as damage(for example, having 500 max life, the skull is launched every 50hp healed, dealing 125 damage).

Completing the Challenge "Her Concepts" unlocks this item.

  • The healing doesn't have to restore life for this effect to work. As long as the green number appear, the character was "healed".
    • This means stationary Auto-Turrets with Bustling Fungus will launch skulls pretty frequently, even more so if other Turrets or the player are close to add to the healing.

Visually this item appears as a pair of horns on the character's forehead.