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Naturopath is a challenge in Risk of Rain 2.

This challenge calls for the player to complete the third teleporter event without healing. This may sound intimidating, considering the character heals passively. However, only items that heal count as healing. This means as long as players do not pick up anything that might heal, the challenge can be completed.

Completing the third teleporter event means activating the third teleporter the second time, after it has charged and the boss has been killed.

Avoid :[]

Activating a healing drone or a Shrine of the Woods should also be avoided.

Note: Infusion and Titanic Knurl only increase max heath. Their effects do not count as healing. It's a good strategy to pick them up in order to survive the challenge.

Cautious Slug only increases passive health regeneration, and is not counted as "healing".

Rex's healing ability does count as healing for this challenge.

Note: if you happen to have a transcendence, 150% of your health will be converted into shield, leaving you with only 1 health that cannot be healed and allowing you to pick up healing items or activate Shrines of the Woods while still completing the challenge.