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The Newtist is a Challenge in Risk of Rain 2.

The Challenge calls for the player to activate 8 unique New Altars. This can be completed across multiple runs. Completing this challenge unlocks the Rare item Soulbound Catalyst.

The Newt Altars have three spawns in each map, and will always spawn in one of them, rarely in more than one. Any 8 separate Altars must be activated.

The Locations[]

Titanic Plains[]

  • At ground level, behind one of the arches, facing the edge of the map.
  • On top of the mesa with half an arch.
  • High up on top of one of the arches.

Distant Roost[]

  • Below the bridge to the small island, on a visible protruding stone ledge.
  • On the small island, on the upper level, behind the rock on the opposite side from the bridge.
  • Through the circular door, behind a pillar, facing the edge of the map.

Wetland Aspect[]

  • Atop one of the pillars with a nearly vertical pillar next to it.
  • Under water in a dead end, difficult to see.
  • On top of a cliff near the cliff and the large square, facing the edge of the map.

Abandoned Aqueduct[]

  • On the small ledge, on your back left when facing the ancient gateway.
  • On top of an aqueduct wall.
  • On top of the central mesa, within the skeletons jaws.

Rallypoint Delta[]

  • At the end of the strand of beach, behind a tree.
  • High up, near the large crashed containers overlooking the map.
  • Behind a snow-covered rock, facing the wall, behind the tilted container.

Abyssal Depths[]

  • Within the long cave, inside a large cluster of crystals on the right side of the cave.
  • Atop one of the large crystals hanging from the roof.
  • On a higher level, on the edge of the map, within a nook in the wall.