To acquire this artifact you must defeat Providence with all other artifacts activated. Afterwards you must got to the bottom layer of the boss arena and pick Origin up.

The Artifact of Origin is an Artifact that causes 3 to 5 Purple Imps and an Imp Vanguard spawn from a portal every ten minutes. These enemies deal bleeding damage.

Using the Unstable Watch will freeze the timer, spawning another portal (and thus another wave of Imps and an Imp Vanguard) for every second that time is frozen, generating a large number of potential item drops. (Note: The timer must be frozen AT a 10 minute mark, not just when the portal is spawning.)

Bandit can prevent Imps from spawning by activating his 3rd skill while portal is active.

Bugs: It seems to spawn more portals if you have low FPS. Example: With 2 FPS it spawns 10 portals.

Bug: If you use artifact of enigma and it duplicates unstable watch when the time is still at 00:00, a large number of waves can be summoned. This only happens if you activate artifact of engima at the very beginning of a game.[verification needed]

Bug: Unstable Watch combined with the effect of the Embryos create some interesting scenarios.  Get enough Embryos so that the cooldown is shorter than the duration.  Activating Unstable Watch while its effect is still ticking will stack another instance.  Single player beating the game and have an overflow of the Unstable Watch will pursue even into a new single player.  Similar effect may occur during multiplayer if either you beat the game or you crash to the main menu due to lag.  You may combine this with Origin to allow the artifact to be active from time 00:00.  A scenario can be seen here:

To acquire the Origin artifact, a player must have all other artifacts active and beat the game, after Providence is defeated he will drop the artifact on the lower floor of the bridge (you have to go there), pick up the artifact and then proceed to the panel to activate the ship which will roll the credits, and you now have the Origin artifact.


  • The artifact will continue to proc during the fight with Providence, and also after defeating him.
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