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The Paul's Goat Hoof is a common utility item in Risk of Rain.[1] This item just like any other movement increase items also increases the distance of some skills that involve movement (ex. Commando's Tactical Dive, Huntress's Blink, etc.) It should also be noted that this item stacks infinitely.

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:  Paul's Goat HoofPaul's Goat Hoof Icon.png
Tracking Number:  187▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

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:  Run 20% faster.

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:  Standard

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:  A hoof from one of my many goats; I noticed one day that one of my goats had an abnormaly large foot. Thinking it was cancerous, I went to the doctors and low-and-behold; it was. My goat died shortly after.
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Stacking too many of these along with other speed-boost items (such as the Red Whip and Warbanner) can cause the character to clip into the wall and become stuck.

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