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Pause is a challenge in Risk of Rain 2. Its objective is to "Free the survivor suspended in time".

How to Complete[]

Start by collecting at least ten Lunar Coins. This may take time but should not be too difficult since Lunar Coins persist between runs.

Next, the player needs to travel to the Bazaar Between Time, which can only be accessed by luck or spending another Lunar Coin at a Newt Altar (which appear in any level/area, but will require collecting eleven total coins) before activating the Teleporter. In either case, the message "a blue orb has appeared..." should appear in the log, and a small blue orb will be visible around the central altar of the Teleporter. After charging the teleporter and defeating the boss, a Blue Portal will appear next to it; interacting with the portal takes the players to the Bazaar.

Finally, in the Bazaar, the player needs to interact with the crystal next to the giant newt. This costs 10 Lunar Coins and is labeled "Free the Survivor". This completes the challenge and unlocks the Artificer.

Do note that in multiplayer lobbies only one player can complete the challenge and unlock the Artificer at once. The unlocking player need not be the host (or the purchaser of the initial portal).


  • An Environment Log can also be found in the lower levels of the Bazaar, but requires some careful jumping to get to.