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The Preon Accumulator is an equipment introduced in Risk of Rain 2. Activating this item begins a short charge-up period, during which green light starts glowing out of it. Once the charge-up is completed, a powerful orb of energy is launched in the direction aimed.

The orb consists of preon tendrils, and zaps enemies within a 35 meter range for 600% damage. When the orb hits an enemy or the ground, it detonates in a massive 20 meter explosion, dealing 4000% damage to enemies.

This awesome firepower comes at a cost, though, as the cooldown period is 140 seconds.

Completing the [Redacted] Challenge unlocks this item, and it can always be obtained from the Timed Security Chest, provided it is reached within 10 minutes.

As with most Equipment, the Accumulator is located either over the players right shoulder or directly above their heads, depending on character.