"Slow enemies on attack."— Pickup Text
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The Prison Shackles is an uncommon utility item in Risk of Rain. On hitting an enemy, Slow enemies by 20% on every attack.[1]

Shipping Details

Estimated Delivery:
Sent to:
94123 Bldg. 201,
Fort Mason

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:  Prison ShacklesPrison Shackles Icon.png
Tracking Number:  255▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Slow enemies by 20% on every attack.

Shipping Method

:  Priority

Order Details

:  An artifact from old ages, before we used holo-cuffs. The advantage is that EMP blasts and remote-hacking can't disable good-old steel and chains. Fitting this on larger prisoners may be harder.
I know you guys have been having a serious break-out problem in the last few months, and this is sure to throw those prison breakers for a loop. Just don't lose the key.

We are shipping about.. 500, because we have nothing better to do with them then smelt them for steel, which is barely worth more than dirt this day and age. Would probably cost more then getting rid of them.
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  1. This description is auto-generated by the Item Infobox
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