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The Queen's Gland is a boss utility item in Risk of Rain 2.[1]

This item can only drop after defeating the Beetle Queen, replacing some of the green items that spawn from the teleporter.

The Gland spawns a Beetle Guard to fight on the users side. This Beetle deals 300% damage, has 100% health, and can spawn every 30 seconds, provided the previous one has died. The Beetle can block shots from the player and the enemies, and since it often runs in to the thick of battle, it might end up sponging damage.

The Engineer's Auto-Turrets do not inherit this item. It is not visually present on Turrets, either.

In-game screenshot.


"Yes, uh, Kaitlin? Let me know if you copy."

"I copy. What's up?"

"I've made friends? I don't know."


"The giant bug we killed earlier - well, the corpse seems to attract a bunch of nasties. I was on my way to clean them up when I realized they were... waiting? Confused, maybe. Anyways, I was walking up to them to get rid of em, and strangely enough they seemed passive. The same bugs that gave me that concussion yesterday, and-"

"What?! Are you okay? "

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Anyways, I felt bad killin' them since they seemed all... inert and such. So I just kinda left and they've been following me ever since. Real weird. Anyways, I guess I've made some friends. I wonder what they eat... do they eat? Since they don't have any mouths that I-"

"Rich, stop! Please don't bring them back to camp! "

"Oh, well uh...I could - Junior, stop! Leave your brother alone! "


  1. This description is auto-generated by the Item Infobox