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[REDACTED] is a challenge in Risk of Rain 2. To complete it, the player needs to "Open the Timed Security Chest on Rallypoint Delta". Completing this challenge unlocks the Preon Accumulator.

How to complete[]

The "Timed Security Chest" is found, as stated, in the third level, Rallypoint Delta. It always spawns there, in one of the following places:

  • Inside the large container on top of another, near the center of the map.
  • Inside, or near, the container with it's doorway half-buried near the beach-side entrance to the cave.
  • On top of the cliff overlooking the map, accessible through the cave.

The Chest has a timer displayed on it's side, counting down from ten minutes. It can only be opened if the timer has not reached zero. This means the two previous stages have to be completed, and the chest located, before this happens. Difficulty has no impact on the timer.

Within, a Preon Accumulator is always found, but taking it is not necessary for completing the challenge.