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"After taking damage, reflect all attacks for 4 seconds."— Pickup Text
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The Repulsion Armor is a rare healing item in Risk of Rain and deals explosive damage.[1]

Shipping Details

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Chad Hills,
Lock-Box 3,

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:  Repulsion ArmorRepulsion Armor Icon.png
Tracking Number:  780▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  After 6 hits reduce and reflect incoming damage by 83% for 3 seconds

Shipping Method

:  High Priority/Fragile

Order Details

:  Prototype repulsion armor: it doesn't quite work as advertised. The protective shielding will activate, but only after... repeated triggers. You'll have to get hit a lot of times before it activates. We have tried increasing the sensitivity, but it lead to the armor triggering from simple movements. We will send an improved prototype next month.
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  • Don't take all your hits at once to active the armor, as you don't get your damage reduction all the time, only when the armor has taken the right amount of needed hits.
  • Try to hop in and out of groups to take hits and when it's active stand in the center, to reflect as much damage as possible.

Character Synergies[]

  • Works well with the Enforcer, as his shield can also block 100% of all damage coming from the front. This means at its max stacks of 5 for 3 seconds, you reduce all damage from the back by 83% and all damage from the front by 100% effectively making you a go tank for multiplayer.

Item Synergies[]

  • Works well with Tough Times, as when you get hit 6 times for the repulsion armor to kick in, you have a damage reduction of 99% for three seconds. If you want to maximize reflect damage, then Tough Times would reduce the reflection damage given to enemies.


  • Repulsion Armor is one of the few items designed by a kickstarter backer via backer rewards.
  • Created by Tuck9090




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