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Field Notes

Field Notes:  A few hours after my crash, I finally decided to investigate the nearby area. As I moved past a particularly large mound of sand, it began to shift and roar. From it erupted a giant crab-like beast, standing above me at 10' with claws the size of a small man. The giant crab moves surprisingly fast for its size; the foliage growing on its back indicates that they stay still for long periods of time. This crab is either extremely patient or hibernates regularly.

After exhausting my supplies in taking it down, I salvaged what meat I could. Very chewy, but not unpleasant. Looking across the beach, I spot many similar mounds of sand. I must keep moving; daylight is coming.


The Sand Crab will be one of the first enemies encountered if the game starts at the Dried Lake. They function very similar to Golems, and will approach the player somewhat slowly, then pause for a moment only to make an attempt to crush them with massive claws. This deals a fairly large amount of damage. Their high health will make them a nuisance to engage early on.


  • They're slow enough to outrun. Keeping away and occasionally attacking back is a safe way to dispatch them.
  • When they pause to attack, the player can interrupt them with certain moves like stuns, and other basic attacks like the Loader's Knuckleboom, or HAN-D's HURT. This allows the player to stun-lock them and defeat even large groups without taking damage.
  • Since they can't jump and need to be practically on top of their target to attack, they can be beaten simply by being on a higher elevation or by shooting them from across a gap.
  • Sand Crabs do quite a lot of damage, so avoiding standing still as much as possible near them is recommended.