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"Reduce enemy armor on hit. Stacks 5 times."— Pickup Text
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The Shattering Justice is a rare damage item in Risk of Rain. On hitting an enemy, attacks reduce enemy armor by 5. Reduction stacks up to 25.[1]

It reduces enemy armor upon hitting that enemy for 2 seconds.

Shipping Details

Estimated Delivery:
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Lockbox 8,
Hero's Barracks,

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:  Shattering JusticeShattering Justice Icon.png
Tracking Number:  877▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Attacks reduce enemy armor by 5. Reduction stacks up to 25.

Shipping Method

:  High Priority

Order Details

:  I'm glad people still use hammers in combat; I find it much more intimate than guns. This thing weighs 5 TONS (yes, TONS), so only your Combat Equipped soldiers can use it. Five tons in a few square feet means that the hammer can crush enemy tanks, EASILY.
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Only damage from direct attacks counts as "getting hurt." Some examples of damage sources that don't count include:

  • Fall damage
  • Mushrum's poison cloud
  • Fire trails from blazing elites.


  • Playing on - DRIZZLE -
    - DRIZZLE -
    Reduces difficulty for players new to the game.
    Weeping and gnashing is replaced by laughter and tickles.

    Progress is not saved in this mode.
    is recommended
  • It is recommended you use the artifacts of Glass, Kin, and Command
    • Glass allows the player to deal more damage, and the reduced health is not an issue as the player must not take any damage in order to unlock Shattering Justice.
    • Kin will make it easier to unlock the item if enemies that are easy to avoid (such as Lemurians) are selected each level.
    • Command allows you to get preferable items easily. Good items include:


Character Synergies[]

  • In multiplayer, this item can be extremely good when held by Mercenary. For example, while Sniper is charging his Steady Aim, mercenary uses Eviscerate or Massacre, reducing enemy`s armor to the max, and then Sniper (with Spotter: SCAN) can one-shot any unit.

Item Synergies[]


  • This item may be a reference to Warhammer 40k in that there is a reference to the requirement of space marine armor to wield it, and the fact that the weapon weighs "tons," characteristic of most weapons in Warhammer 40k, which are bulky and supposedly heavy.




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