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Not to be confused with the first games version, the Soldier's Syringe.

The Soldier's Syringe is a common utility item in Risk of Rain 2.[1]

Passively increasing attack speed and wind-up time of all abilities by 15%, it remains largely unchanged from the first game. However, this version doesn't cap out after 13 stacks.

Being one of the few common items that unconditionally increase the holders DPS, the syringe is highly valuable for most classes and is generally agreed to be one of the best common items in the game.

The Artificer needs charges for Flame Bolt to fire, but the syringe doesn't speed up charging. It only increases the speed the bolts are fired at. The Artificer can benefit from syringes, though, as they speed up Nano-Bomb's charging time.

Visually, the Syringe is shown as a cluster of glowing needles on the players right thigh or knee, sticking out and flailing as they run. This may be a reference to Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the federation[2].


"I ain't much for drugs... but hell, when fortune is knockin', ya gotta greet that door with a smile and a nod. Salud!"

-Signal echoes, UES Contact Light


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