Risk of Rain Wiki

Spite is an artifact that can be found in the Sky Meadow - Field of Sprites Area on the bottom of the map. It can be acquired by the Commando, Enforcer (if they jump at the edges), Bandit (Smoke Bomb gives him a small speed boost), Loader (with skillful use of Debris Shield and the Hydraulic Gauntlet's small bounce after being pulled to a ledge), Sniper (by jumping away from the platform they want to get to, then using Military Training to boost backwards) or Huntress character without special items after uncovering the entrance with any explosive hit on the hole in the ground (see picture). The Spite artifact makes enemies spew out explosive, bouncing grenades (similar to the Engineer's) that explode and deal damage to players. The amount of grenades dropped varies; for example, most bosses will drop around 50 grenades. A Lemurian will drop 2, most smaller enemies will drop 3, and larger ones (such as Imp Overlord or Evolved Lemurian) will drop a surprisingly large amount. Grenades detonate on third contact with any surface, and pass through the player. Even so (see notes below), it can be very risky to stand on an enemy as it dies.


  • The bombs produced by this artifact will immediately detonate if their point of origin is an 'illegal' location such as solid earth. This can cause serious damage or death if the player is too close. This happens frequently in short passages such as the bottom center of Underwater Catacombs.
  • Ghosts spawned by Jar of Souls and Happiest Mask release Spite bombs as well. The release these grenades when they die, or when they expire. These bombs do not hurt players, only enemies.
  • Jellyfish can stack seamlessly with each other, making it appear (especially with Honor or Kin) as if a single jellyfish dropped dozens of bombs.
  • Sometimes this artifact will get bugged, causing all enemies on a map to drop only a single bomb. Some enemies have been seen to not drop bombs (witnessed an entire map of Clay Men with Kin and Honor on; not a single bomb), but this may be a bug as well.

Entrance can be made with a mortar.