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Not to be confused with Colossus from the first game.

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The Stone Titan logbook image.

The Stone Titan is a boss enemy in Risk of Rain 2.

The Stone Titan's unique Boss-item is the Titanic Knurl.


The Stone Titan spawns from any teleporter, and is one of the first bosses the player faces, along the Wandering Vagrant and the Beetle Queen. The titan is the most mobile of the three, actively pursuing the player, but at an extremely slow pace.

They wield three methods of attack; a lock-on laser attack, a punch that travels through the ground, and later in the battle, a laser-firing construct.

The lock-on is preceded by an aiming period, during which the titan locks on a single player. They will fire a continuous beam at the player, and will hit them if nothing is between the titan and their target. This attack goes through the titan's own body. Jumping around the Titan in a tight and fast circle before the firing period will also cause the damage to be mostly avoided (the player will still take damage while on the ground) however this is inneffectual if the laser successfully locks on at any point, it is unclear whether this is a glitch.

The punch is preceded by the titan taking a stance to punch the ground and the appearance of a warning circle. When the punch goes off,a fist that juts out of the ground at the circle, sending anyone standing in it flying.

Their third attack starts as they lose life. When this happens, they will summon a floating, glowing mass of rocks above their heads. Laser-blasts will periodically fire from it.


  • All the attacks of an elite titan can inflict status effects, which lead to the developers nerfing the proccing from the lock-on laser, as it was stacking burning damage extremely rapidly.