Sunken Tomb is one of two possible maps for the third level of Risk of Rain. The other possible map is Ancient Valley.

Most of this map is submerged in water. Acrid can be found near the top of one variant. The Enigma artifact can be found in another variant.



Map variantsEdit

This map has three variants with a general layout of a rough squashed "Z" shape, making navigation time-consuming similar to "U" shape of Ancient Valley's broken bridge variant.  Falling off of the lower platforms into the water can be more so, or save time, depending on where it chooses to respawn you and where you actually want to be.  The most difficult variation will have the lower right area blocked off except for a jump pad on the far right.


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One variant of the map contains an area in the lower right hand corner (see the screenshot at right). "Drowning" by falling off the bottom of the map will respawn the player on an otherwise inaccessible ledge further to the right. Falling to the right again will respawn the player at the Enigma artifact. Fall off once more to return to the main area.


Main article: Acrid (Unlisted Miniboss)

Inspect the crate in the upper right corner of the map. If you see water, you are not at the top right corner of the map. Once you inspect the crate, you will fight Acrid, and if you defeat him Acrid will unlock.

Achievements Edit

Sleepin' With The...Edit

Drown 20 Whorls. This is easiest to achieve by knocking Whorls off platforms in the lower left corner of the map, using a character with low damage and high knockback (like the Enforcer, or anyone with a few Boxing Gloves).

Trivia Edit

The level's music, 25.3°N 91.7°E, is a reference to Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, officially the wettest place on earth.


25.3oN 91.7oE

Chris Christodoulou - 25.3°N 91

Chris Christodoulou - 25.3°N 91.7°E Risk of Rain (2013)


Chris Christodoulou - Hailstorm Risk of Rain (2013)

Chris Christodoulou - Hailstorm Risk of Rain (2013)

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