Risk of Rain Wiki

Field Notes

Field Notes:  A robot creature that assembles itself.. I have not seen them materialize other than when I unknowingly trigger their presence. I cannot believe this is indeed a machine- and yet it is made from some alloy and uses heavy artillery! Was this on the ship, or are these guards a naturally occuring 'species' here? My suit's scanners are unable to detect any manufacturers' signature. 

They seem to be determined not to let me pass. They attack with unlimited focus.


The Temple Guard slowly wander around, occasionally pausing to fire two targeted missiles. Like most enemies in the game, they target the players location at the time of launch, so their attacks are easy to dodge. If they are not dodged, however, they can deal significant damage because it is likely both missiles will connect.

This enemy will also sometimes stop and buff itself with a shield similar to that of Providence, making it much harder to take down.


Elite Temple Guards can come in any of the five variants, BlazingFrenziedVolatileOverloading, and Leeching.  The Overloading variant can be surprising because the typical Tesla Coil effect also applies to its missiles, causing a shock during travel and detonation that is much larger than the missile or its blast radius.