"Shocks nearby enemies."— Pickup Text
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The Tesla Coil is a rare damage item in Risk of Rain and deals electric damage.[1] Is dealt to nearby enemies. Stops stacking after 3, at a max of 220% damage.

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Eon Drive,

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:  Tesla CoilTesla Coil Icon
Tracking Number:  658▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Shock nearby enemies for 150% damage.

Shipping Method

:  High Priority/Fragile

Order Details

:  A memorial perfect for your Tesla museum. Fit enough for Mr. Tesla himself! Make sure you keep the thing in the glass vacuum as we talked about. Even then, keep the safety lines at least 5 feet AWAY from the glass. You don't want your centerpiece killing your guests, huh?
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In order for the Tesla Coil to activate and do passive damage, the player must be in close range of the enemies. Tesla coil will generally help characters that are close-ranged like the Miner, the Mercenary and Acrid. Although all characters will benefit from the item.

Jumping around while attacking will help dodge enemy attacks while the Tesla coil works its magic.

Character Synergies Edit

The Miner, Mercenary, Loader, Acrid, and HAN-D are great choices to use with, due to their melee attacks and up-close tactics and move-set.

Item Synergies Edit

Works great with Barbed Wire, Chargefield Generator, Frost Relic, and in some cases Repulsion Armor.


  • The Tesla Coil's description could be a loose reference to the donation fundraised to build a Tesla museum on the former's old laboratory, by the internet artist "The Oatmeal"

Bugs Edit

Damages Happiest Mask's ghosts, being the only negative effect for this item. This seems to be a glitch and not intended by the developers.



  1. This description is auto-generated by the Item Infobox
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