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The Crowdfunder is an unlockable Equipment item in Risk of Rain 2. It uses the player's gold as bullets, firing one gold for 100% of the player's damage at a rapid pace applying on-hit effects. This cost goes up as time passes, so in later stages thousands worth of gold may be fired in seconds.

Firing is toggled by activating the equipment. Activation has no cool-down.

As each bullet fired may apply on-hit effects, items such as the Ukulele and Runald's and Kjaro's Bands may be triggered rapidly, even with otherwise slow-hitting characters.

To unlock it, the Challenge "Funded!" must be completed. The challenges goal (collect 30,480 gold), as well as its and the equipment's name are references to the Kickstarter for the first game which raised the said amount of dollars.

The Crowdfunder is shown on the player's right shoulder.

Damage dealt by the coins is colored gold.


  • The Brittle Crown allows the user to gain gold faster than it is expended at earlier levels, provided the shots hit their target.