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"Killing marked enemies permanently increases damage."— Pickup Text
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The Hit List is a rare utility item in Risk of Rain.[1]

Marks enemies at random on the screen. Killing a marked enemy will result in a permanent damage increase of 0.5 to a cap of 20 damage. This means that the effect of this item stops adding permanent bonus damage after killing 40 marked enemies. Enemies are marked at random and if they are not killed quickly enough another enemy will be marked instead. The number of killed enemies for this item can be seen above the abilities bar on the HUD, indicated by tally marks.

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:  The Hit ListThe Hit List Icon.png
Tracking Number:  400▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

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:  Killing a randomly marked enemy permanently increases damage by 0.5

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:  High Priority/Fragile

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:  Don't forget.. don't forget what they did..
-Random wildlife
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To unlock this item, the Bandit's fourth ability, Lights Out/Assasinate, has to consecutively kill an enemy 15 times (although (Lights Out/Assasinate does not have to be used consecutively). The easiest way to do this is to weaken enemies with other abilities and then use Lights Out when they are weak enough to die in one hit.

  • It is highly recommended to use the Artifact Glass as using Lights Out a lot when on the first level will instantly kill most enemies.



The Hit List will synergize with AoE (Area of Effect) items, like Gasoline and Will-o'-the-wisp. If allowed to pile up, there is a chance of a new target immediately after the first target is killed.

Items which can provide self-sufficient damage, such as; rockets, fireworks, and spirit bolts. These projectiles sometimes seek out marked enemies, reducing player input.


This item works best with high damaging survivors, such as sniper, huntress, and bandit.



Sometimes it is possible for a Magma Worm that is still above ground (but already dead) to be marked. In this case, the mark is unable to be carried out.



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