Not to be confused with the similar item from the first game, Tough Times.

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Tougher Times is an unlockable common item in Risk of Rain 2. Whenever the player is dealt damage, there is a chance to ignore it per stack (15% according to the logbook). This includes using the Blood Altar.

In actuality, the equation used to determine the chance to ignore damage is as follows:

Block Chance:

In Percentage:

So at one stack, there is around a 13% chance to block damage. At ten, there is exactly a 60% chance. In order to reduce chances of getting hit to exactly 10%, a whopping stack of 60 is needed. The chances of getting hit drop to 0% at about 133,333,470,325 items. Any more is probably a waste of money.

Whenever damage is ignored, a squeaking sound is played and the message "Blocked" replaces the damage number.

This item is visually shown on the character as a teddy-bear hanging on their back, and sitting on Auto-Turrets that inherit it.

Stack Chance % Stack Chance %
1 13% 11 62%
2 23% 12 64%
3 31% 13 66%
4 38% 14 68%
5 43% 15 69%
6 47% 16 71%
7 51% 17 72%
8 55% 18 73%
9 57% 19 74%
10 60% 20 75%



"Why'd you sign up?"

Wyatt's voice was bored. The mission to the Contact Light's last known location was taking longer than he expected.

Malik was on the floor, cleaning her rifle. "To get paid, mostly"

"And that's it?"

She grunted in affirmation. She continued to wipe down the weapon.

"I'm here to find something." He continued. "I shipped it a few years back, but I don't think it made it before the train went down. I'm guessing it's still in the Contact Light. So I'm gonna get it back."

She began to tighten the last remaining bolts. Her routine near completion, she moved her gaze to Wyatt. "Seriously?"


Malik raised her brow. "There were over 7 million security chests in the Contact Light. The chance of you finding a specific one is impossible." She began to unfold her legs as she propped her rifle in the corner. "And according to the distress beacon, the Contact Light was destroyed in orbit. Your shipment is probably floating around in space. It's all gone, Wyatt."

He grinned. "I think I'm gonna find it."

"You're terrible."

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