Risk of Rain Wiki

Field Notes

Field Notes:  This goliath's body has been carved by the world, covered in numerous scars. The squealing queen has seen many battles. Her coarse hair growing in jagged patches between old wound only increased her fearsome appearance. 

Hot breath from the boar's massive nose fogged up my helmet so badly it was a marvel I was able to evade her stomping hooves overhead.

Boss Information[]

This big bad piggy runs around, snorting and summoning 4 Toxic Beast Minions every time she squeals (~18 sec). These pigs are about as hard to kill as normal Lemurians. She can run through most platforms except for large walls. If the player keeps away from her till she's the last enemy, she's the easiest boss in the game.

She does however, deal lots of damage, if she steps on the player. Jumping will typically avoid the damage, but the impacts are so frequent that the player is likely to get tapped each time they hit the ground. One tactic is to stand upon raised platforms, as she only deals damage through her hooves.