Risk of Rain Wiki

This enemy only appears during the third phase of the final boss battle against Providence. It appears when Providence reaches 66% of his health. If killed, Providence summons it again when he reaches 33% of his health.

It looks just like Providence, but is colored pure black.

Umbra of Providence primarily attacks by teleporting above the player and slashing downwards, just like Providence himself. It deals about the same damage as Providence. Umbra cannot create shockwaves every 3 attacks, however it does periodically unleash a barrage of blasts against the player. These blasts take the shape of black skulls and being hit by them drops the player to 1 health, regardless of their previous HP.


When Providence summons the Umbra, he shields himself. During this time, most attacks will deal almost no damage to him. Since at this time the Umbra is the only other enemy present, killing it instead is recommended. If the players have high damage and many drones, it's sometimes possible to destroy the Umbra before it uses its most lethal attack.