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I'm an Administrator on this wiki, so I have the ability to delete pages, block users, and edit protected pages. If you have a problem with another user, need a page protected, or wish to have something deleted, you can ask me on my talk page. If I'm not available, you may wish to contact another Admin.

Hello!  My screen name is Starport592, and I am currently addicted to Risk of Rain.

I made some templates that I hope people will start to use, in an effort to standardize the wiki.  But I've been real busy.  So instead of manually editing pages, I made the templates.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.27.08 AM

Do I Win?


To check out what I'm working on, head on over to my Sandbox.

To-Do List

  • Finish recording animations and uploading animations for most if not all enemies.
  • Learn more about drones and find a way to get statistics from them (Cheat Engine to monitor health and damage maybe?)
  • Work on Shrine pages.
  • Finish renaming all Item Shipping Details Images to <ITEMNAME>_Shipping_Details.png
  • Add the area music for each area page.
  • Re-format Item Pages using the Shipping Details Template and using a new page layout I'm trying to standardize.
  • Create a template to easily select items (With mouseover text.) [VERY TEDIOUS]
  • Get information about the formula regarding the cost of chests and drones.

Finished To-Dos

  • Finish adding infoboxes to all enemy pages. Thanks to Pandaman018!
  • Add auto-categorization of enemy and boss pages into their corresponding categories via template parameter values. Thanks to Pandaman018!
  • Finish adding infoboxes to all item  pages.
  • Finish renaming (And re-uploading, if need be.) all Enemy Portrait Icons to <ENEMYNAME>_Icon.png Thanks to Pandaman018!
  • Get a decent screenshot of both the Keycard and White Undershirt (M).
  • Get all the Crudely Drawn Buddy sprites for all the characters.
  • Finish renaming all Item Portrait Icons to <ITEMNAME>_Icon.png
  • Create newer version of the Risk of Rain font for readability. (Not the square version from alpha.)
  • Compress heavily used images, such as class character images and ability icons, as well as item icons eventually enemy portraits. PNG Gauntlet
  • Add difficulty template
  • Upload custom font to the wiki

Mobile Site To-Do List

  • Template:Character is messy, and needs an alternate div to show so that the information is not so cramped.
  • Template:Infobox Drone looks fine, but when switched to the Arms Race view, does not display properly. It does not need to be animated, but it does need to be layered properly.
  • Add custom mobile css that loads depending on screen resolution. [1] (Not high priority)

Finished Mobile To-Dos

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Check this out!

This guy, Monchoman45, is awesome, and you should definitely take the time to check him out. He's got a lot of cool stuff, a lot of which I've copied and I hope he doesn't mind that I do. I copy because I admire, and I am in no way claiming credit to anything he's done. It's mostly for personal use anyway.

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