New year is coming. I cannot wait to meet my family again. Tomorrow is the birthday, dated on January 1, 2220, of my daughter Sylmeria. She is the only family I have left. My wife already had passed away.

I was in a mission to deliver some important military goods to Mars. It was a top secret mission, in which even us, the cargo mailmen, are prohibited to gain knowledge of what the cargo hold carries. It took us for nearly 2 days to reach Mars, and go back to Earth for another 2 days.

The cargo hold does not give oxygen, so this is why the mailmen inside must wear space helmets, which implies the mailmen are wearing space suits.

My daughter... I wonder what she's doing? I hope she's fine.

I continue to think about my daughter while sitting on a bench inside the cargo hold.

"Hey, man.", says a friend named Jason, destroying my dreamy state.

"What up, Jason?", I replied.

Jason knocked on my helmet hard enough to tick me off.

"Alexander, you got to think straight. We'll be fine, don't worry. After all, we only secure the goods inside."

I did not reply to him, as I feel really uneasy. Anything can happen.

He sat beside me, and begun to hum a certain song. I do not recognize the song he is humming. It might be him being bad in tune or he might have invented it randomly.

The cargo microphone, which announces all actions that must be done inside by the mailmen also aided by a non-human intelligence, began to ring.

"To all the personnel inside the whole cargo, please proceed to Hold #1. I repeat...", and there goes the repetition. The Cargo mic rarely announces anything, or it may have never been used unless something important has occurred. We are currently in Hold 1, so there isn't anything to do after all.

There came in all the other mailmen in this cargo. I wonder what is up for such a gathering and a weird announcement.

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