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  • Sakkeman

    Heretic Item Speculation

    January 21, 2020 by Sakkeman

    So the lore for Visions of herecy and the fact that each charater has four skills would indicate that there are still two "Herecy" items to come. This blog is just some speculation as to what those might be.

    So the first clue towards what they will be is that the four replacement skills are likely going to fill different roles, with a simple attack and a dodge already included. That leaves a signature move for [R] and an alternative attack for [M2). Judging from the skills of the existing characters there will probably be an AoE attack included.

    Then the other clue is the possible names for the items. A "Visions" and "Strides" are both actions, that would indicate the other two will also be actions. Visions depicts an eye, and Strides is a l…

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  • Sakkeman

    Some Ideas

    January 21, 2020 by Sakkeman

    So I have been doing these simple idea blogs on different wikis for games I have played, and it has usually been fun. Don't really know if this blog scene is really active, but should be more so than the one on Risk of Rain wiki (the original)

    But without further ado here we go:

    Basically a red-rarity item that allow the player to obtain white rarity dud-items that do nothing, except are prioritized over others when re-forging or printing. The changes for "duds" to drop go down as the party has more, like max 10 at any given time. 

    The dud would either be a pile of scrap components or a mass of clay, signifying that it can only be used in printing. They would drop either from enemies(or just elites) or when sometimes when failing a shrine.


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  • Sakkeman

    Seriously could have sworn it was called Rallypoint Alpha


    While were are at it, some more item ideas

    1. Viper fang/skull, item kinda like the triangular knife, except with a slower, longer, poison-type effect.
    2. Sonic Blast, item that creates a sonic boom whenever the player uses their utility skill. The boom knocks enemies away from the player, dealing more damage to those that were the closes the player, also increases the range of the dodge. For the engineer, the bubble could blast enemies away when it is deployed.
    3. The Cauldron. I bet the devs are preparing something along these lines... So the newt merchant in the bazaar can be damaged, which might mean it is a WIP secret boss. My thoughts are it will drop an use-item that allow the playe…
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  • Sakkeman

    You Know What

    April 9, 2019 by Sakkeman

    So, I used to write a blog in the Terraria Wiki some years ago, where I just listed some ideas for enemies and items. When I looked through those blogs(titled UITWBC, updates I think would be cool) I noticed quite a lot of those were now in the game.

    Soo... here come some ideas I had for Risk of Rain 2, who knows, maybe they will end up in the game one way or another.

    1. An item that would make unopened chests glow golden and drop a little money when opened. This would make differentiating opened and unopened chests form one another easier, which is quite difficult in multiplayer and at a distance. Maybe something like "Fools Gold".

    2. An Apple with a worm in it. Strike enemies to attack up to one worm per stack to them. This worm slowly dama…

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  • Sakkeman

    So, now that the new game is out in early access, and we are all very excited, let's remember one thing.

    This is a Wiki, not your own "Tips, Tricks and more!" blog. If you want to share your own ideas and builds, you should do so in the "Talk" page for the subject in question, DON'T CLUTTER UP THE ACTUAL ARTICLE. There are dozens of item and character combos and synergies, and they belong to the notes, and even then you should avoid notes like "faster attacks increase your DPS" or "not getting hit means you don't get hurt".

    • Confirmed and replicateable bugs
    • Non-obvious or non-self evident effects (details on what aspects of an items effect stack, if they affect different characters in notably different ways)
    • Potential caveats for using an item th…

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