Seriously could have sworn it was called Rallypoint Alpha


While were are at it, some more item ideas

  1. Viper fang/skull, item kinda like the triangular knife, except with a slower, longer, poison-type effect.
  2. Sonic Blast, item that creates a sonic boom whenever the player uses their utility skill. The boom knocks enemies away from the player, dealing more damage to those that were the closes the player, also increases the range of the dodge. For the engineer, the bubble could blast enemies away when it is deployed.
  3. The Cauldron. I bet the devs are preparing something along these lines... So the newt merchant in the bazaar can be damaged, which might mean it is a WIP secret boss. My thoughts are it will drop an use-item that allow the player to gather items into it. More charge the rarer the item is, and once fully charged, the Cauldron pops out a rare item. Maybe there are two variants, an Uncommon and a Rare cauldron.
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