So I have been doing these simple idea blogs on different wikis for games I have played, and it has usually been fun. Don't really know if this blog scene is really active, but should be more so than the one on Risk of Rain wiki (the original)

But without further ado here we go:

Item "Component Scavenger" or "Kinetic Clay"

Basically a red-rarity item that allow the player to obtain white rarity dud-items that do nothing, except are prioritized over others when re-forging or printing. The changes for "duds" to drop go down as the party has more, like max 10 at any given time. 

The dud would either be a pile of scrap components or a mass of clay, signifying that it can only be used in printing. They would drop either from enemies(or just elites) or when sometimes when failing a shrine.

Equipment "Supply bombardment"

Shower a targeted area with Pods, damaging enemies and leaving some pods intact to be looted. Rarely (10-5%-ish) is consumed entirely and an item pod or a chest is included in the bombardment.

Challenges for "nemesis enemies" to unlock their powers

Artificer; "Caster duel" (or something): Kill 10 Greater Wisps while airborne. Unlocks a M2 ability to charge and fire two green(or a red and a blue) fireballs and launching them, similar to the wisp.

Mercenary; "Combat Dissection": hit and kill (an amount of normals or an elite) Imps with four different attacks without taking damage. Unlocks a M2 ability to slash twice, damaging enemies and guaranteeing a bleed on them, similar to the Imps rend attack.

MUL-T; "Stubborn fury": kill (as above) golems by only slamming into them. Unlocks a M2 laser blast fired from the eye similar to the Golems laser. so, hope these were interesting or at the very least entertaining.

Engineer; -just the ability, no idea how to unlock it- "Overload" an utility skill to fire a bolt of electricity for low damage, but with the ability to power up any Drone, Turret, mine or MUL-T for a short period. The cooldown would be dependent on the target, with those benefitting more incruing a longer cooldown, ie, loading a mine would cool off in a second, but loading a Turret or a MUL-T would cool off in twice the time it takes for the buff to wear off. If the buff lasted, let's say ten seconds, the cooldown would be twenty. Mined would be permanently powered up, since they are single-use.

These were first on my blog on the other risk of rain wiki.

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