So, I used to write a blog in the Terraria Wiki some years ago, where I just listed some ideas for enemies and items. When I looked through those blogs(titled UITWBC, updates I think would be cool) I noticed quite a lot of those were now in the game.

Soo... here come some ideas I had for Risk of Rain 2, who knows, maybe they will end up in the game one way or another.

1. An item that would make unopened chests glow golden and drop a little money when opened. This would make differentiating opened and unopened chests form one another easier, which is quite difficult in multiplayer and at a distance. Maybe something like "Fools Gold".

2. An Apple with a worm in it. Strike enemies to attack up to one worm per stack to them. This worm slowly damages them and hops from dying enemies to living ones. Once they deal enough damage, they grow big and return to the player, healing them.

3. An item that charges whenever you deal damage. Once it is fully charged, use your M2 ability to consume the charge and double the ability's damage. Kinetic (or something) Charger, maybe. This item could add an effect to the ability instead of just damage, maybe there are elemental variants of it. 

4. An usable item similar to the Prescriptions, except with a drawback and more mechanics: a tube of pills that recharges one pill per ~20 seconds. Hold up to ~5, eat one at a time. Each gives a small but notable movement and attack speed bonus for 10 seconds, and a lethargy period after that. During lethargy, move slower and deal less damage. Eating just one at a time would mean a smaller effect = smaller bonus. Eating all at once, HUGE bonus, MASSIVE lethargy. Maybe call it NITRO-something.

5. The Torn Delivery Receipt. A common item that looks like a torn piece of paper. Does nothing alone, but when you find another one, they combine into a full receipt and teleport a postal-parcel to your location. The parcel contains a green item.

6. The Extra barrel. An item that gives your abilities (maybe all, maybe just M1) a small chance to activate(fire) twice. A type of alternative to Soldier Syringe. Maybe has a Rare version, the Shotgun Approach, that adds multiple attacks to M1, but decreases fire rate a lot. Perhaps "Fire Thrice, but -50% fire rate".

By the way, this is really fun

Maybe I'll do another one soon

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