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  • Starport592

    Hey everyone! I'm not going to lie, I've been away for a little bit*.

    Here's an update on what I've been thinking in terms of this wiki:

    • Item page Standardization. Pandaman018 and I had previously made a push towards this, and various members of the community have also contributed, but the fact is that many pages still don't have the standard layout.
    • Item page re-vamp. I want to make the Item page easier to navigate. The lists can make that page incredibly big, and it's just not as user friendly as it could be. On top of that, it's STILL missing some of the new items from the not-so-recent 1.2 update. Yeesh.
    • Enemy animations. You may have noticed that some of the enemy pages have enemy animations, while others don't. The goal is to make…
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  • Starport592


    August 6, 2014 by Starport592

    So I know I already posted today, but I just remembered something that I believe deserves it's own blog post:

    I added more achievements to earn! YAY! I have not given each of the achievements their own badges yet, as I have yet to think of something clever (I want them to make sense in some way. Idk, maybe it's just me.) Either way, basically there are three new categories to earn achievements in:

    Category:Items Category:Enemies Category:Drones

    The reason being, is that the first two categories have been extensively used and I believe are here to stay. We will not be re-naming those categories so I think it's fair to say they are permanent enough to have their own achievements. The Drone one I added because I thought that the Engineer w…

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  • Starport592

    Wow. Maybe it's because it's the summer, or I don't know. But we have gotten a ridiculous amount of views on this Wiki! Almost 162,000 views, and roughly 1,300 edits within ONE WEEK.

    It's so beautiful, I might cry.  :')

    Of course, this wiki is nowhere near done, and there's still tons of work to be done, but...

    I don't know... Just watching all this new activity... It feels good.

    I want to thank all the users, both registered and unregistered, for donating your knowledge to this Wiki, and I especially want to thank Pandaman018 for stepping up and editing like a madman for at least a week (As well as reaching Rank #1 on this Wiki!)

    Thank you all so much! It's always important to understand that this Wiki needs your information just as much …

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  • Starport592

    I've FINALLY got them to work! JavaScript works fine on most mobile browsers, but for some reason the mobile site decides to shut it off, and I can't link the JavaScript into the page like I can with CSS, so instead I did some Googling and found a way to do it purely in CSS!

    Is it the correct way of doing it? Absolutely not! But it works! And frankly, that's all I care about. If and when Wikia decides to allow JavaScript (Although I doubt they will anytime soon) to run on the mobile version of the site, this workaround will allow infoboxes that are switchable to render correctly!

    The limitation of this template for mobile devices, is that it can only support at max 5 options. It can be extended, but I was just trying to get it to work, a…

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  • Starport592

    Mobile site

    July 30, 2014 by Starport592

    I finally found a way to edit the way the mobile site via looks with CSS. It's a bit sloppy, I admit, but if for some reason you loaded this site on your smartphone or other handheld device, it should start to look much cleaner.

    On another note, I'm starting to compress images in hopes to reduce loading times in general.

    I am using TinyPNG's online web service, but my preferred image editor is GIMP. If anyone know of any plugins for GIMP that compresses PNGs for the web, please let me know!

    (Or just downloadable tools that do a better job than the one I am using!)

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