So I finally quit my job haha. So now I plenty of time to work on the wiki again! If I talk anymore about my job wikia will flag me as spam so I'll just jump straight to what I've been doing.

I've been crawling around other wikis, and decided that the wiki needed a graphic overhaul. I changed the background to a screenshot of falling chests from the intro of ROR, and turned it into a tile with GIMP. (I <3 GIMP) I will also be updating the main page and, now that I'm feeling super comfortable with AutoWikiBrowser, finally try and take down some of the more tedious tasks on my To-Do list.

I've also noticed on other wikis, that they compress their images. There are many advantages to compressing images, with the first one being faster load times. I'm not so much concerned with how much space this wiki takes up, as opposed to how fast the pages load. I'm sure everyone would agree when I say that faster load times is just better in general.

In other news, I'm on the lookout for staff! This basically means I'll be looking at the user list and seeing who's been active. Anyone who's relatively active is eligible, and asking to become any kind of staff on this wiki will make you automatically ineligible.

That's basically it!

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