I have received a handful (Literally, less than 5) requests for the source, and every time I have to respond I feel a little weird. So here is my final conclusion:

I will not be giving out the source, nor did I have any right to. While I feel that for the purpose of gaining information on Risk of Rain, it is necessary to have the source code, I've come to the conclusion that, in order to prevent the recompilation and potential distribution of illegal versions of Risk of Rain (There are plenty of individuals who dedicate their time to doing this already), the basic mindset here is:

  1. If you have half a brain, you should be able to operate Google.
  2. If you own Risk of Rain, and you have access to Google, you should be able to get the source of the game on your own.

Through this mindset, I believe it makes the most sense. Seeing as it literally took me like 5 seconds to get the source of Risk of Rain myself, it should take others no longer.

I'd like to re-emphasize that I never had the right, nor do I and I doubt that I ever will, to distribute the source of Risk of Rain, whatever condition it may have been in. I realize now that it was wrong, and so if you would like the source to Risk of Rain:

Google it.

 Starport592  Talk  Contribs  Risk of Rain  02:50,9/16/2014 

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