I've FINALLY got them to work! JavaScript works fine on most mobile browsers, but for some reason the mobile site decides to shut it off, and I can't link the JavaScript into the page like I can with CSS, so instead I did some Googling and found a way to do it purely in CSS!

Is it the correct way of doing it? Absolutely not! But it works! And frankly, that's all I care about. If and when Wikia decides to allow JavaScript (Although I doubt they will anytime soon) to run on the mobile version of the site, this workaround will allow infoboxes that are switchable to render correctly!

The limitation of this template for mobile devices, is that it can only support at max 5 options. It can be extended, but I was just trying to get it to work, and honestly I don't think we'll ever need more than 5. However, if we do, extending the limit is incredibly easy and can be done!

Next up: the Character template!

 Starport592  Talk  Contribs  Risk of Rain  06:19,8/4/2014 

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