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Wake of Vultures.png

The Wake of Vultures is a Rare item in Risk of Rain 2.

This item grants the user the specialties of Elite enemies they kill for 8 seconds, with each subsequent Wake increasing this time by 5 seconds.

The effects are:

  • Blazing Elite; enemies are ignited on hit, a trail of fire follows in the players wake.
  • Glacial Elite; enemies are slowed down on hit.
  • Overloading Elite; hits spawn exploding electric spheres. This also changes half of your life into shield for the duration.

Multiple effects can be active at once.


  • Wake of Vultures is a reference in both effect and appearance to the alternate art "Headhunter" item from the game Path of Exile.
  • "Wake" is one of the collective nouns assigned to buzzards and vultures, among "Venue" and "Colony". A wake, however, specifically refers to the animal when they are circling a dying animal, thereby being a "wake".
  • This item has a severe downside due to the overloading "buff"; players are unable to heal past half health due to their health being converted to shield and therefore die much more easily.


  • Currently, killing Overloading elites may make the players shield stretch past the intended lifebar.