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The Wandering Vagrant logbook image.

The Wandering Vagrant is a returning Boss in Risk of Rain 2.

☁️Gentle Protector☁️


The Wandering Vagrant spawns when the Teleporter is activated, gently floating, and generally not moving. In the later parts of a run, generally after the first loop, they may be encountered as standard boss-like enemies - spawning in with a bright flash of light to signal their presence.

Their attack pattern consists of launching a series of exploding orbs, spawning a slow-moving, homing ball of energy that detonates on impact, and releasing a high-damage nova when critically-wounded.

All of these attacks can deal a lot of damage to unsuspecting players. The bombardment can usually be dodged as the orbs aren't too accurate, as they tend to deviate around upon the Vagrant lobbing them out, but they can still catch players by surprise on occasion. The large, homing orb can be destroyed by dealing damage to it or catching it in a solid object, but this can hurt the player if the attack is too close due to it having an explosive radius.

However, the Vagrant's most dangerous attack is the electrical nova it creates, as it deals very high damage, and in later parts of the game, can ultimately one-shot players if they are caught in the radius of it. It is crucial to break line of sight with the Vagrant when this attack is telegraphed. Players have only seconds to either flee far away (the nova cannot hit the player at certain distances even though it seems to travel farther) or hide behind solid geometry in order to avoid the damage.

The electrical nova is only used after the Vagrant has fallen below 21% of its maximum health - regardless if encountered as a boss or a standard enemy.

The Vagrant has collision, and standing atop it is possible. Indeed, this is a viable strategy, as it can't hit the player with either projectile attack as they are launched from beneath the mantle. The only attack that can (and will) hit players standing on the Vagrant is the electrical nova. However, the Vagrant may occasionally spin about or tilt if close to geometry, resulting in players potentially sliding off.


  • In the game's title screen, multiple Vagrants can be seen flying far in the sky.
  • Vagrants encountered within the later stages in a run will not actively pursue or attack other players until they are in close vicinity, unlike other boss enemies that are encountered in these parts.