Whorl Portrait
Whorl Animation
Base Statistics
Health 230 HP
Damage 17 points
Speed 14 mph
Combat Notes
Type Monster
Movement Ground
Attack Ranged
Jump Able
Teleport Unable

Field Notes

Field Notes:  Day 8. I was awoken by an abrupt collision of something hard against my suit. A volley of sensors screamed in my ears as a hairline fracture arced across my vision.

The hard shell of a monstrous Whorl nearly compromised my air lock. If I hadn't had a small tube of polymer sealant from the astrotrain I would not be recording this now. 

These carapaced organisms propel themselves with some sort of gas-propulsion. Despite their similar appearance to the nautili of old, they do not use a bellows-like system for locomotion, but a steady streaming of gas through their curling shell. I wonder if this heavy armor prevents them from attaining higher altitudes, constrained to hover among the land creatures.


Whorls attack using a short ranged, laser-like beam that produces a slowing effect.  This makes them especially dangerous when accompanied by packs of melee enemies such as Claymen or Sand Crabs.

Trivia Edit

- Drowning 20 whorls completes the achievement "Sleepin' With The..." which unlocks the Filial Imprinting.